Community comes together to help family after house fire

A house fire took all that one family possesses in High Springs. After two weeks, the little community is doing all that they can to offer assistance.

“That is all that I own, all that I had,” said Arredene Daniels, crushed after a fire wiped out every last bit of her belongings two weeks ago.

Daniels stated, “I express gratitude toward God that I wasn’t there, that Joe wasn’t there, no one was there. He’s weak and tired and he wouldn’t have the energy to get out.”

She and her significant other were at the healing facility while their house was going up on fire. “I simply express gratitude toward God forever,” she said.

Since the fire, her congregation family at Living Hope in Christ composed an advantage to fund-raise for her. “They’ve ensured I have some place to stay, even the area has met up,” Daniels said.

Different houses of worship have ringed in to help, including Deeper Purpose Student and Youth Ministries. Minister at Deeper Purpose Adam Joy stated, “My reaction was to do what I can to fund-raise, garments, nourishment, and toiletries and stuff like that that I knew she would need.”

Prior to the fire, Daniels was known for dealing with others and doing demonstrations of consideration in High Springs.

“I’ve been mother to the entire neighborhood, I got around a hundred grandkids. They call me grandmother, I’m grandmother,” Daniels said.

“I for one have seen her each Friday that she’s capable, cook nourishment for the group, drive around passing it out, to a portion of the destitute, of the general population that is less lucky, that hangs out and truly don’t have anyplace to go that might need a dinner,” said Joy.

The people group is dealing with her consequently. “I trust all together between Red Cross and the neighborhood church administrations and all in all ,no less than 1000 dollars yet I don’t know the correct dollar sum,” said Joy.

Daniels said Habitat for Humanity was anticipating remodeling her rooftop ahead of schedule one year from now. Presently, she’s rebuilding starting from the earliest stage.

 Community comes together to help family after house fire