Mulching: Avoid these 4 mistakes

In case you have not been mulching your garden, you need to begin. You need the help of mulch to realize the full productivity of your garden.  Using mulch in the right way can help prevent soil erosion, reduce weed that is troublesome, regulate the level of soil temperature, help maintain the moisture of the soil during warm climate, and add important nutrients in the soil.  However, there is a technique that is used to ensure that you lay the mulch in the right way. Remember poorly done mulching can be more harmful than not mulching. Finding help of competent providers of Garden Mulch Wellington based can help you avoid mulching mistakes such as:

Using organic mulches that are not composted

Organic mulches are among the most ideal mulches, because they add important nutrients into the soil and break down gradually. One of the major mistakes most people make is using uncomposted organic materials like chipper, wood, or grass clipping. Although these substances can make relatively good mulches after they are treated in the right way, they should never be used before they are processed.  The danger of using unprocessed materials is that they deprive the soil important nutrients during the first decomposition process.  The garden mulch Wellington commercial providers offer is ideal since it is composted before it’s sold.

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Using too much mulch

Some homeowners may think that using too much garden mulch in Wellington is the best way to make their gardens more productive. However, using too much mulch near the trunk or stem of the plant is not advisable. When mulching around trees or plants, avoid applying dense mulch directly on the stem or trunk, as it will maintain the trunk very wet, enhance root systems that are shallow and may eventually kill your plants. Spread your mulch evenly around the plants leaving a thinner mulch layer near the stem or trunk.

Using free mulching

You should avoid the dire consequences of using free mulches that come from waste departments or county. These mulches are mostly uncomposted, and may contain dangerous pests like termites. You should be sure of the chemicals that get into contact with your produce. Garden Mulch Wellington has to offer contains no harmful chemicals, thus the best choice for people farming edible produce.

Placing the mulch in the wrong way

Most people pile the mulch around the tree base. This creates mulch volcanoes, which hamper proper breathing of the trees. Again, the volcano mulching traps a lot of moisture at the tree base creating an ideal environment for development of bacteria and fungus around the tree bark.  The best method of mulching around the tree base is to place the Wellington garden mulch around the plant to look like a doughnut.

Mulching is one of the best methods of creating a garden that is easy to maintain, looks beautiful, tidy and neat. However, poor mulching has more serious consequences. You should not attempt mulching your garden on your own if you are not sure of how to go about it. For the best garden mulch in Wellington, consider finding help from people with expertise and experience in mulching. Click

 Mulching: Avoid these 4 mistakes