Removable pot handle

I still use pots I’m using since my single age, so I was not at all disappointed with recent pot circumstances.

When you let me enter the kitchen of the house of the younger generation than you, there is a two-handed pot and things that seem like a handle of a pot are placed beside it, I have wondered what to do about this.

Although I helped with cooking, I learned that there is a handle that can be removed for the first time after being told that “The person who put the handle is easy to use, please attach it”.

The way you get in the way is the handle of the one-handed pot.

Have you experienced wasting space and wasting storage space wastefully? Our house is exactly that it has limited the storage space of the pot, it has become difficult to forcibly lay it over by being too bad in appearance.

If this is only a two-handed pot, since the pot has already purchased something of different size, it is possible to store it to some extent.

If the handle is sold separately, you may have bought the same series of things vigorously in different sizes.

I am attracted from now.
I get lost in the material of both hands

I think that I would like to buy another two-hand pot, but there are various materials in the pot, too.

It is not like purchasing pots frequently, and I brought it from my parents’ home unexpectedly, or had brought a pot with wedding banquets, so I had not been blessed with the opportunity to review and buy by myself.

When I try to purchase it, I am surprised at the variety of types.

Material from material to size, whether one hand or both hands … It is various things to decide.

There is an image of a two-handed pot, the reason was supposed to want to make a little boiled in a small amount, or if you wanted to make simmered, you wanted to make soup or something in many cases.

Suggestions for both hands

I had a 26 cm casting enamel pot for making curry and stew, so I imagined the size underneath that one.

Because I did not have places to store so much, I thought what to do, but if it were to be stacked it would be too heavy to be stressful, so it would be a little lighter.

Then, we are focusing on whether it is a stainless steel multilayer structure pot of about 3 layers at a price as well.

 Removable pot handle